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  • 1963
  • 86 hr
  • 6.5  (463)

Ring of Spies is a tense, fast-paced thriller set during the height of the Cold War. The film, released in 1964, follows the story of a group of British agents who work together to uncover a Soviet spy ring operating in London. The film opens with the discovery of a dead body in the Thames. This leads the British intelligence agency MI5 to suspect that a Soviet spy ring is operating in London. They bring in their top agent, David Somers (played by William Sylvester), to lead the investigation. Along with his partner, agent Carolyn Forbes (played by Margaret Tyzack), Somers begins to piece together the clues that will lead them to the heart of the spy ring.

As they begin to close in on their suspects, they discover that the spy ring is being led by a mysterious figure known only as 'The Watchmaker'. The Watchmaker, played with cold menace by Bernard Lee, is a master of espionage, and is always one step ahead of Somers and Forbes. As the investigation heats up, Somers and Forbes find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse, with the fate of the country hanging in the balance.

One of the strengths of Ring of Spies is its attention to detail. The film was made with the full co-operation of MI5, and it shows in the accuracy of the spy craft on display. The film is shot on location in London, and the city itself is almost a character in the film. From the anonymous office buildings to the crowded streets, Ring of Spies captures the grubby, lived-in feel of 1960s London.

The film is also notable for its portrayal of the Cold War. This was a time when tensions between the West and the Soviet Union were at their highest, and the fear of a nuclear conflict was very real. The film captures this sense of paranoia, as ordinary people are suspected of being spies, and no one can be trusted.

The performances in Ring of Spies are uniformly excellent. William Sylvester is excellent as the cool, collected agent David Somers. He brings a quiet intensity to the role, and is believable as a man who must keep his emotions in check in order to do his job. Margaret Tyzack is also excellent as Carolyn Forbes, an agent who is both tough and vulnerable. She brings a sense of warmth and humanity to the film, and is a welcome counterpoint to the cold, hard world of espionage.

Bernard Lee, who is probably best known for playing M in the James Bond films, is excellent as The Watchmaker. He manages to be both charming and chilling, and is a worthy adversary for Somers and Forbes. The supporting cast is also strong, with standout performances from Anthony Dawson as a suspicious scientist, and Thorley Walters as a bumbling government official.

One of the most impressive aspects of Ring of Spies is the way that it ratchets up the tension as the story progresses. The film starts out slowly, as Somers and Forbes begin to piece together the clues that will lead them to the spy ring. But as the investigation intensifies, the film becomes more and more tense, until the final confrontation between Somers and The Watchmaker is almost unbearable.

Overall, Ring of Spies is a well-crafted thriller that captures the mood of the Cold War era. With its strong performances, attention to detail, and taut pacing, it is a film that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Ring of Spies
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    86 hr
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    6.5  (463)