Rites of Passage

"The secrets some men keep can be killers."

The film entitled Rites of passage is centered on the lives and adventures of two ex-convicts Frank and Red. The film starts shortly after Frank and Red escape from prison and try to find their way to safety. As they journey along, they come across a group of people spending their vacation in small tents at a campsite. Frank tells Red that they should attack the campers but Red refuses. Frank attacks and shoots at them with his gun killing all the innocent people.

The series continues to different scene whereby Farraday finds out his biological father Del has been having an extra marital affair with another lady. He calls his father and asks him to meet him at the family cottage by the lake. Farraday plans to confront his father about his affair when they meet at the cottage. When they get to the cottage they meet Campbell, Farraday’s younger brother waiting for them.

He reveals to Faraday that their father Del had met him and his friend Billy at the cottage a few days ago and had severely beaten Billy. Shortly after, Billy died and so he blames Del for Billy’s death and will never forgive him for that. As they try to resolve the problem, Frank and Red come to the cottage to ask for help. They lie that their car is bad and need to use their phone to make some calls. Red tells them he is Frank’s son and begs to remain in the cottage for a while and have some rest.

Frank later returns to the cottage in the evening and the two convicts refuse to leave. Shortly after, a group of policemen show up in search of Frank and Red.

As the police interrogate Frank and Red, Farraday realizes that Campbell must have had some dealings with the criminals. The story begins to get complicated and Del realizes the family has to temporally put away their differences and rescue Campbell.

| 1999 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.2/10
Dean Stockwell, James Remar, Jason Behr, Robert Glen Keith
Victor Salva
Produced By
Pierre David, J. Todd Harris
Rites of Passage
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Also starring Dean Stockwell

Also starring James Remar

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