Road Dogz

"Some friends are closer than brothers."
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Road Dogz is the directorial debut for Alfredo Ramos and tells the story of three friends and what happens when their fierce loyalty to each other is put to the ultimate test. Danny (Jacob Vargas), Alfonso (Greg Serano) and Raymo (Clifton Collins Jr.) have been inseparable since they were kids. Growing up in East L.A., they have managed to stay somewhat sheltered from the dangers of the street yet have always been aware of the lurking risks around each corner.

An old friend and the former drug king of the neighborhood streets, Big Joe (Emilio Rivera), is released from prison and returns to his former stomping ground. The three friends welcome him back, but things quickly take a sour turn. Gramps (Lobo Sebastian) has had full reign on the streets since Big Joe has been gone and isn’t about to relinquish any control of his profitable drug-trafficking business. Gramps sees Big Joe as a threat and is willing to go to any lengths to eliminate the threat to his crime ring.

In the meantime, Danny is struggling to find a legitimate job and dealing with his girlfriend leaving for college in New York. Alfonso has girl issues of his own, and his new girlfriend, Lucy (Priscilla Garita), has quickly become his entire world. Raymo wants to help his struggling mother, who is in dire straits yet has worked her entire life to take care of him. He decides the only way he can do this is by working for Gramps. A sale turns bad, and Raymo ends up without Gramp’s cash. The guys know that Gramps doesn’t play nice, and the situation that Raymo has found himself in could very well cost him his life.

Loyalty overcomes all, and the three friends stick together, no matter the consequence, to defend and protect Raymo. All three friends are faced with an ultimate decision that will affect their lives and their friendship, forever.

| 2000 | 1 hr 32 min | 5.7/10
Clifton Collins Jr., Greg Serano, Jacob Vargas, Lobo Sebastian
Alfredo Ramos
Road Dogz
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