Road Kill

"Driven to Hell"

Road Kill (Road Train) is an Australian suspense movie set in the Outback. Four teenagers decide to go camping and have the time of their lives. They are eager to party, explore and get away from the stress of life. Craig (Bob Morley), Nina (Sophie Lowe), Liz (Georgina Haig) and Marcus (Xavier Samuel) think they are on their way to fun and reckless abandon. That is, until they cross paths with a mysterious rogue road train. In Australia, a road train is a multi-trailered, big-rig truck. This one is hauling fear.

The teen's evening begins with an unexpected accident between the road train and their own vehicle. As they try to figure out how the accident happened, and who is behind the wheel of the road train, they are presented with unimaginable supernatural possibilities. The longer they linger around the road train of pain, the more their lives are interrupted by its power.

Instead of paradise and open, natural beauty, the Outback becomes a place where the teen's lives and emotions are tested beyond their worst fears. The road train is out to claim its territory any way it can. Can anyone survive the night with this monstrous, mechanical menace?

| 2010 | 1 hr 30 min | 3.7/10
Bob Morley, Sophie Lowe, Georgina Haig, Xavier Samuel
Phase 4 Films
Dean Francis
Road Kill
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