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"These girls mean business."

The Babysitters is about a babysitter who after having an affair with one of her clients husband realize that she can make a profitable living as an escort girl. At the beginning of the movie we are given a voice over of Shirley Lyner who is the owner of a babysitting service. There are a group of teenagers and middle aged men gathered together in a cabin. Shirley is interested in dating older men. She feels the guys on her age level are too immature. Shirley's best friends are Melissa and Brenda. Shirley is intrigued by one of her customer's Michael Beltran.

Michael Beltran hires Shirley for her sitting services. Michael has many business ideas but his wife Gail thinks they are a waste of time and money. Michael is led by a business idea by his fried Jerry. This leads Michael getting curious about an abandoned train yard, and he is taking Shirley home. The two stop off and start kissing and eventually becoming intimate. Shirley is paid extra for her services. Shirley is excited about the new opportunity to make more money. She tells her friend Melissa and Michael tells his friend Jerry. Michael asks for other babysitters and Shirley offers Melissa only if she gets 20 percent cut and Melissa agrees to the arrangement.

Michael has developed feelings for Shirley and he gets upset when he realize he is not Shirley's only client anymore. The girls have set up a business. It seems as if everything is going great until Brenda invites her step sister Nadine into the group without asking Shirley. Nadine starts to compete with Shirley. Shirley confronts Brenda and she reviles the truth. They all search Nadine's belongings only to come up empty handed.

Brenda wants out of the business and Shirley agrees. Melissa is afraid Brenda can not be trusted and attempts to have several customers attack Brenda's brother. Michael and Gail are trying to make their marriage work and he offers to run away with Melissa. Melissa does not want to run away with Michael because it is only a business. Melissa is tired of Nadine and only to find that Melissa's father has now become one of Nadine's client.

Love, lies and sex leaves Melissa in voice over looking at Michael interacting with his family.

| 2007 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.7/10 | 35/100
Lauren Birkell, Paul Borghese, Chira Cassel, Anthony Cirillo
Peace Arch Entertainment
David Ross

Also directed by David Ross

Also starring Paul Borghese

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Babysitters - Official Trailer|1:48
Babysitters - Official Trailer|1:48

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