Running Dry in the American Southwest

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  • 2008
  • 1 hr 20 min

Running Dry is a documentary film released in 2008 that focuses on the issue of water scarcity in the American Southwest. The film is narrated by renowned actress Jane Seymour and is directed by Jim Thebaut. The documentary takes a deep dive into one of the most pressing problems of the 21st century – the looming water crisis. It starts by painting a stark picture of the current situation in the American Southwest, where the population is increasing at an alarming rate, while the water resources are fast depleting.

The film begins by providing a brief overview of the history of water management in the United States, and how the current infrastructure has been built on unsustainable practices. It then goes on to explore the various factors that have contributed to the current situation, including climate change, overuse of water resources, and the lack of government policies to address the issue.

Running Dry takes the audience on a journey through some of the most arid regions in the Southwest, such as Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego, to showcase the scale of the problem. The filmmakers interview a diverse range of stakeholders, including farmers, water conservationists, activists, politicians, and everyday citizens, to get a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

The film highlights how the water crisis is impacting various communities and ecosystems, as well as the potential consequences if immediate action is not taken. One of the most poignant moments in the documentary is when the filmmakers visit the Salton Sea, a once-thriving ecosystem that is now dying due to the salt content in the water. The Salton Sea is a prime example of how the water crisis is not just an issue of drinking water, but a larger environmental crisis that affects the entire ecosystem.

Running Dry also takes a deep dive into the political and economic forces that shape water management policies in the Southwest. The filmmakers interview key stakeholders, such as water utility executives and lawmakers, to understand their perspectives on the issue. The film brilliantly captures the complexity of the issue, showcasing how personal interests and political maneuvering can often hinder progress in water management.

Despite the bleak picture that the film paints, Running Dry also provides a glimmer of hope. The filmmakers showcase a range of innovative solutions that are being implemented in various communities across the Southwest. These solutions include using greywater systems, rainwater harvesting, and implementing strict water conservation measures.

The documentary ends on a hopeful note, with Jane Seymour emphasizing the need for collective action to address the issue. Running Dry is a powerful film that not only highlights the urgent need to address the water crisis in the American Southwest but also showcases the power of collective action towards a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, Running Dry is a must-watch film for anyone concerned about the environment, sustainability, and the future of the American Southwest. Through the power of visual storytelling, Jane Seymour and Jim Thebaut have created a documentary that not only informs but also inspires viewers to take action. The film highlights the scale of the problem and also showcases practical solutions that can be implemented to address the issue. Running Dry is a powerful reminder that we all have a role to play in conserving our most precious resource – water.

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