Secrets & Lies

"Roxanne drives her mother crazy. Maurice never speaks to his niece. Cynthia has a shock for her family. Monica can't talk to her husband. Hortense has never met her mother."
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Secrets & Lies is a dramatic film that centers around two women in London, Cynthia and Hortense. Hortense is a successful black woman who is attempting to find her birth mother. Cynthia is a lonely lower class white woman who may just be Hortense's mother that she is searching for. Cynthia denies it but as they dig deeper family secrets and lies are exposed.

| 1996 | 2 hr 22 min | 8.0/10 | 91/100
Timothy Spall, Phyllis Logan, Brenda Blethyn, Claire Rushbrook
Mike Leigh
Produced By
Simon Channing-Williams
Secrets & Lies
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