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Seven Deadly Sins is a four hour miniseries giving the infamous seven deadly sins a modern take. Harper Grace, played by Dreama Walker is a manipulative girl at the top of the social ladder in her school, this is disrupted when Kaia Sellers, played by Rachel Melvin, transfers to the school, stealing Harper's best friend's boyfriend and flirting with the handsome Mr. Powell, played by Eric Close. The series takes place in Grace, California and narrated from the perspective of Kaia, the flirtatious transfer student and actively weaving multiple plots together, the film retells the classic story of the seven deadly sins and examines the prices that they demand in a modern light. When a student is mysteriously killed, Harper seems to be at the center of it all. Now the town Sherrif Sharon Geary is put in an uncomfortable position, proving the daughter of her secret lover is guilty of this crime. Tugging at the truth begins to unravel all the dirty secrets of the town and the investigation only proves to Sharon that no one is innocent. It revels in the source material and the writers clearly enjoyed the opportunity to mix classic vices with the inherently dramatic lives of high school students. The series depicts multiple instances of drug use and underage drinking, as well as many scenes of implied adult situations, but was filmed for television and as such gives no visual representations of the latter. While it is presented as a horror film, there is little blood and gore, and might be better explained as a supernatural thriller. Adapted from the popular series of novels, each named for each of the titular deadly sins, The Seven Deadly Sins miniseries was written by Gary Tieche and Robin Wasserman. It was directed by Jeff Renfroe and produced for Lifetime entertainment.

2010 |
Jeff Renfroe
Seven Deadly Sins

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