Seventh Son

"When darkness falls, the son will rise. When the son falls, the dark knight will rise."

Seventh Son, starring Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges, is a movie about the supernatural and war. The movie takes place in a time long ago. An evil is released that could disrupt mankind. This evil begins a war between the supernatural powers of the world. Bridges' character, John Gregory, is a Spook. This is a person who fights against the evil in the world, especially Dark. Dark took the witch Mother Malkin to his prison decades ago. Malkin now wants revenge, and she is using all of her powers to release her fury on the people of the world. The one person who stands in her way is Gregory. However, Gregory and Malkin meet under fearful circumstances. Gregory has to train his apprentice by the next full moon to fight the magic of the dark world. If he succeeds, then he will be the hero seventh son of the seventh son. If he fails, then the fate of the world is doomed.

| 2014 | 1 hr 42 min | 5.5/10
Sergey Bodrov, Sergei Bodrov
Seventh Son

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