Signing Bible Songs

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  • 2008
  • 43 min

Signing Bible Songs is an uplifting and heartwarming musical movie that celebrates the importance of faith and community. Directed by Erin Haynes and starring Erin Haynes and Greg Haynes, this film tells the story of a group of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who come together to create a unique and powerful worship experience.

The movie follows the journey of a Deaf worship team, who are led by the charismatic and passionate Worship Pastor, Greg Haynes. Greg and his wife Erin are both deaf and have been involved in the Deaf community for years. Their love for God and their creativity have inspired them to create a worship experience like no other.

Signing Bible Songs is a musical movie, and the centerpiece of the film is the music. The movie features a mix of original music and classic hymns, all performed in American Sign Language by the talented cast. The music is both beautiful and powerful, and it is impossible not to be moved by the energy and passion of the ensemble as they sign each and every song.

The film is set in a small church community, where the Deaf worship team is an important part of the Sunday worship service. The movie shows the team's journey as they create a new and innovative worship experience that speaks to the hearts of both Deaf and hearing members of the congregation.

The movie also explores some of the challenges faced by the Deaf community, both within the church and in the larger society. The film highlights the importance of accessible communication, and the need to break down barriers of language and culture in order to build strong and inclusive communities.

Moreover, the film also highlights the importance of communication between Deaf and hearing individuals. The film depicts the struggles that the Deaf community faces with communication, and how this affects their daily life. The movie also highlights the need for hearing individuals to learn sign language in order to promote communication and understanding between the Deaf and hearing communities.

The ensemble cast is outstanding, featuring many talented Deaf and hard-of-hearing actors and performers. They bring incredible energy and enthusiasm to each scene, and their performances are both inspiring and uplifting. Erin and Greg Haynes bring a real sense of authenticity to the roles of worship leaders, and their passion for their faith shines through in every scene.

The film does a great job of balancing the religious themes with the human story at its core. While faith is a central theme in the film, the story is ultimately about a group of people who come together to create something special. The themes of community, inclusion, and love are universal, and the film speaks to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Overall, Signing Bible Songs is a beautifully crafted movie that will leave audiences feeling uplifted and inspired. The music, the cast, and the message of the film all work together to create a truly memorable experience. The movie highlights the important role of the Deaf in their communities, and the importance of faith and inclusivity in building strong and thriving communities.

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    43 min