Sixty Million Dollar Man

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In this Hong Kong comedy, Lee Chak-Sing is a wealthy brat living in Hawaii who spends his time playing mean practical jokes on everyone. When he discovers that Tat, the man who serves as his assistant, is his true blood father, he is faced with the decision to continue enjoying his well-off life with the man he thought was his father, or choose his real dad and lose his fortune. After crossing one of the local crime bosses, Lee barely survives an explosion, with Tat contributing $6,000 so his son can get a reconstructed body.

1995 | 1 hr 32 min | 6.3/10
Stephen Chow, Gigi Leung, Man-Tat Ng, Paulyn Sun
Wai Man Yip
Produced By
Wong Jing
Sixty Million Dollar Man
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