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"The movie that defies gravity!"
  • PG
  • 1978
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 5.4  (317)

Skateboard is a 1978 film directed by George Gage and stars Allen Garfield, Kathleen Lloyd, and Leif Garrett. Set in Venice Beach, the movie follows the journey of a group of skateboarders as they form a team and compete against each other with their skills. The film starts with Manny (Garfield) who is a shop owner in Venice Beach, selling skateboards and other skateboard-related merchandise. He notices local teenagers showcasing their skills on skateboards, and gets the idea to form a team of skateboarders to compete in local contests. He convinces the best skateboarders in the area, including Buddy (Garrett) and Terry (Tony Alva), to join his team.

The team, called the "Skateboard Kings," starts competing and quickly becomes a sensation in the skateboarding community. However, they soon face difficulties when competing against other teams who have better equipment and training. The Skateboard Kings must come up with new tricks and better equipment to stay competitive in the skateboarding scene.

While the Skateboard Kings are busy with competitions, Manny starts to face financial difficulties as his shop is not making enough profits. He decides to organize a celebrity skateboarding event to raise funds for his shop. With the help of the Skateboard Kings, the event turns out to be a huge success and brings in enough money for Manny to keep his shop running.

The film also has a romantic subplot involving Terry and Peggy (Lloyd), a journalist who is writing an article on the rising popularity of skateboarding. Terry and Peggy start dating and their relationship is put to the test when Terry gets into a fight with a member of a rival skateboarding team.

One unique aspect of the film is the presence of real-life skateboarders like Tony Alva and Duane Peters, who were popular in the skateboarding scene at the time. Their presence adds authenticity to the film and also showcases their skateboarding skills.

Skateboard is a movie that captures the spirit of the skateboarding subculture of the 1970s. The film shows the rebellious and carefree attitude of young people who enjoyed skateboarding, as well as the industry that developed around it. It also showcases the intense competition among skateboarders, and the creativity required to come up with new tricks and stunts.

Overall, Skateboard is a fun and entertaining film that will appeal to fans of skateboarding and 70s culture. It features great performances from the cast, impressive skateboarding stunts, and an engaging storyline. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of skateboarding and the subcultures that developed around it.

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