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"A moonshine-swillin' romp in the swamp."
  • PG
  • 1980
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 5.3  (265)

Soggy Bottom USA is a charming slice-of-life comedy set against the backdrop of a sleepy Southern town during the 1930s, known for its lush landscapes and laid-back ambiance. Directed by Theodore J. Flicker, the movie takes audiences into the heart of rural Americana with its mix of eccentric characters, local customs, and a gentle narrative that bounces between laughter and tenderness.

The film revolves around a colorful cast of characters and their daily lives, as they navigate through various shenanigans, personal trials, and the small triumphs that define their tight-knit community. An ensemble piece at its core, Soggy Bottom USA features performances from a talented group of actors including Ben Johnson, Dub Taylor, and Ann Wedgeworth, who all contribute to painting an authentic picture of life in the old South.

Ben Johnson plays the role of Isum Gorch, a principled and relatively laid-back sheriff who is more inclined towards maintaining peace than enforcing the law with an iron fist. Despite his easygoing nature, Gorch has a keen sense of justice and often finds himself in the middle of the town’s unique brand of disorder. Ben Johnson's grounded portrayal of the sheriff provides a strong moral center to the film, as he balances his duties with personal relationships and the idiosyncrasies of his neighbors.

Dub Taylor adds laughs and memorable moments as a lovable old-timer who is stubbornly set in his ways. Taylor's character is the embodiment of the town's history and tradition. His quirky mannerisms, as well as his interactions with the other residents, epitomize much of the movie’s humor and showcase Flicker’s eye for capturing regional quirks and folk humor.

Ann Wedgeworth plays the role of a vivacious and somewhat frisky widow, who brings a sense of romance and feistiness to Soggy Bottom. Her character navigates the social scene of the town with a sharp wit and a knowing smile, often offering a woman's touch to the otherwise predominantly male-centric narrative.

The plot weaves together various strands of storytelling. One central narrative thread involves the preparation for the annual 'Soggy Bottom Boat Race,' a prized local event that brings the community together and stokes the competitive spirit among the townfolk. This event is filled with oddball participants, underhanded tactics, and raucous comedy that becomes a microcosm for the town's larger dynamics of camaraderie and rivalry.

Another storyline resounds with a note of illegal bootlegging activity that is usually treated with humorous indulgence by the townspeople but creates its set of troubles. As the Prohibition era casts its shadow over the community, the film delves into the slapstick escapades involving moonshiners, chases through the scenic swamps, and the befuddled authorities trying to keep a semblance of law and order.

The film captures the essence of a bygone era with its attention to period detail—from the attire and language to the modes of transportation and the decor. Flicker’s direction indulges in nostalgia without becoming saccharine, and cinematography that highlights the natural beauty of the Southern bayous and marshlands which provide a tranquil backdrop to the otherwise bustling human activity.

Soggy Bottom USA is imbued with a folksy musical score that complements the period setting with its bluegrass and country influences. Music in the film not only serves as a pleasant auditory accompaniment but also acts as a narrative tool that underscores key moments and emotions in the story. Characters occasionally burst into song or are framed by local musicians playing in the background, infusing the scenes with an extra layer of authenticity and cultural texture.

This movie doesn’t shy away from addressing social issues of the time, although it does so with a light touch. Underneath its comedic surface, there is an examination of class distinctions, the struggles of the rural South during economic hardship, and the resilience of a community that leans on humor and mutual support to navigate life's obstacles.

Soggy Bottom USA is a film that can best be described as a cozy, feel-good comedy, with enough narrative depth to keep viewers engaged. It invites the audience to step back in time and enjoy the peculiarities and pleasures of a small-town life that may seem distant yet feels familiar with its universal themes of friendship, rivalry, and the simple joy of being part of a community. While it might not be a blockbuster or a critical darling, it holds a special place for those looking for a down-home experience that combines the antics of its characters with the unique charm of southern lore.

Soggy Bottom USA is a 1980 comedy with a runtime of 1 hour and 38 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.3.

Soggy Bottom USA
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