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  • NR
  • 2009
  • 2 hr 9 min

Solla Solla Inikkum is a 2009 Tamil drama film starring Devadarshini Chetan, Ilavarasu, and Mallika Kapoor in lead roles. Directed by Prabhu Solomon and produced by N. Mahalingam, the film explores the themes of love, friendship, and the trials faced by individuals in different phases of their lives. The story revolves around Vidhya (Devadarshini Chetan), a strong-willed and independent young woman who has lost her parents in a tragic accident. Despite her circumstances, she remains determined to lead a fulfilling life and manages to secure a good job. Vidhya's life takes an interesting turn when she meets Surya (Ilavarasu), an ambitious and hardworking young man with dreams of making it big in the film industry.

Vidhya and Surya befriend each other and form a close bond. They support and encourage each other to pursue their respective dreams. As their friendship evolves, Vidhya finds herself falling in love with Surya. However, she hesitates to express her feelings as she is afraid of losing their friendship.

Meanwhile, Surya's life takes an unexpected twist when he meets Neha (Mallika Kapoor), a beautiful and talented actress. Surya becomes infatuated with Neha's charm and falls head over heels in love with her. Unaware of Vidhya's feelings for him, Surya starts courting Neha and begins to dream of a future together. The story delves into the complexities of love and friendship as Vidhya silently suffers while witnessing the blossoming romance between Surya and Neha.

As the film progresses, Vidhya's heartbreak becomes unbearable, and she decides to distance herself from both Surya and Neha. However, fate has other plans in store for the trio. An unexpected turn of events forces Vidhya, Surya, and Neha to confront their feelings and reevaluate their choices.

The film beautifully portrays the emotional turmoil experienced by the characters as they navigate the turbulent realms of love and friendship. Devadarshini Chetan delivers a stellar performance as Vidhya, skillfully depicting the character's internal struggles and vulnerability. She brings depth and authenticity to the role, making Vidhya a relatable and compelling character.

Ilavarasu portrays Surya with sincerity and charm, capturing the essence of a passionate and ambitious young man. He adeptly showcases the conflicting emotions Surya experiences when caught between his friendship with Vidhya and his newfound love for Neha. Mallika Kapoor shines as Neha, exuding a magnetic presence on screen and adding layers of complexity to her character.

The film's cinematography by K. V. Guhan beautifully captures the essence of Chennai and its urban landscape. The music composed by Vidyasagar perfectly complements the narrative, adding emotional depth to the story. The film's dialogues are poignant and thought-provoking, further immersing the audience in the characters' world.

Overall, Solla Solla Inikkum is an engaging and heartfelt drama that explores the complexities of love and friendship. With its strong performances, relatable characters, and compelling storyline, the film resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impact. It serves as a gentle reminder that sometimes, the path to happiness and self-discovery is not always straightforward, and one must confront their fears and insecurities to find true fulfillment.

Solla Solla Inikkum is a 2009 drama with a runtime of 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Solla Solla Inikkum
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