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"We are all searching for something"
  • R
  • 2011
  • 1 hr 23 min
  • 5.8  (647)

Spooner is a 2009 independent comedy-drama film that revolves around the life of Herman Spooner (Matthew Lillard), a socially awkward man in his late 20s, who struggles to find a sense of purpose in his life. The film is directed by Drake Doremus and stars Nora Zehetner as Rose, Spooner's love interest, and Shea Whigham as Charles, his best friend.

The movie begins with a glimpse at Spooner's life. He works at his father's bakery but dreams of being a writer. He is a loner, often getting lost in his own thoughts or his writing while sitting alone at his favorite café.

Spooner is an endearing character, but he has a hard time connecting with others. He's a classic introvert who is awfully shy, yet also prone to having little outbursts when he's finally comfortable enough around someone. Spooner's social skills are seriously lacking, but his charm, friendliness, and disarming honesty make him likable to everyone he meets.

Life takes an unexpected turn for Spooner when his father passes away, and he feels responsible for the bakery's future. His mother insists that he takes over the business, but Spooner is way more interested in moving to New York City to pursue his writing career. However, all his attempts to leave his hometown are thwarted by fate, leading him to believe that perhaps he's meant to maintain the bakery and run it - in his father's memory.

Spooner's life continues to spiral out of control when he meets Rose, a spunky and adventurous young woman who is always up for an adventure. Rose quickly becomes enamored by Spooner's sweet nature and eagerness to explore life. Rose brings him out of his shell and shows him the world outside the small town, but will he be able to leave behind the life he's always known and take a giant leap?

One of the highlights of the movie is the depiction of Charles, Spooner's best friend. Charles is a true friend, even if he's not as sensitive, and he's always there to support and give guidance to Spooner, who is otherwise alone. He's the perfect foil to Spooner and their friendship is heartwarming to see.

Spooner is a film that is witty, engaging, and beautifully shot, with outstanding performances all around. The movie addresses themes of identity, relationships, friendship, and the power of human connections. The story is relatable, and almost everyone, at some point in their life, can identify with Spooner's struggles.

The movie's cinematography is stunning, with scenes shot beautifully to capture the emotions and mood of the characters perfectly. The music complements the visuals, and the soundtrack is worth mentioning. It's an eclectic mix of songs that gives the movie depth and texture.

In conclusion, Spooner is a charming and thought-provoking film that provides laughs, drama, awkward moments, and a poignant story. It's perfect for anyone looking for a movie with relatable and endearing characters, and it's a breath of fresh air in the world of cinema. Overall, a must-watch for independent movie lovers.

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