St. Vincent de Van Nuys

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  • PG-13
  • 2014
  • 1 hr 42 min
  • 7.2  (108,261)
  • 64

St. Vincent de Van Nuys is a heartwarming and humorous film that tells the story of Vincent, a Vietnam War veteran who lives a solitary and unconventional lifestyle in Brooklyn, New York. Vincent's life is not an easy one, as he struggles to make ends meet, drinks too much, and sleeps around. But despite his rough exterior and grumpy demeanor, Vincent has a heart of gold, and when Maggie, a single mother and new neighbor moves in next door with her son Oliver, Vincent takes the boy under his wing.

The movie starts with an introduction to Vincent, a cantankerous and unreliable man who spends most of his time at the local bar, the race track or in his ramshackle house. He is a war vet who has seen and experienced a lot of shrapnel and PTSD - he shrugs off the world's problems and believes in the power of his own principles. One day, he meets a little boy, Oliver, from the next door, who needs to adjust to a new life in a new school and city after his parents divorce. Despite his initial protestations, Vincent agrees to be Oliver's babysitter for a fee. As Vincent starts to warm up to the boy, he also becomes part of the daily routine of single mom, Maggie, who works long hours as a nurse practitioner. Maggie initially has misgivings about Vincent, but sees that Oliver enjoys spending time with the gruff man, and soon Vincent becomes a regular fixture in their lives, driving Oliver to school and introducing him to his favorite things.

As the friendship between Vincent and Oliver develops, the audience learns more about Vincent’s past, his family and his estranged wife, Sandy. The scenes between Vincent and his wife, played by Naomi Watts are both comic and sad, bringing out the complexities of a hot-headed, love-struck and non-committal husband. Meanwhile, Maggie's struggle to keep up with the demands of work and taking care of her son is made even more challenging by her ex-husband's attempts to win custody of Oliver. Through it all, Vincent remains a loyal and loving friend to Oliver and the family, despite his own struggles with debt and health issues.

The relationship between Vincent and Oliver is heartwarming and funny, as Vincent teaches Oliver about life and the things he loves, like gambling, drinking and visiting a pregnant Russian stripper with a heart of gold. The two bond over their love of old movies, learning important lessons from the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, and their shared love of 8-bit video games. Despite Vincent's rough exterior, it's clear that he has a soft spot for Oliver and wants to help him in any way he can.

At its core, St. Vincent de Van Nuys is a feel-good movie about unlikely friendships and the power of kindness. Bill Murray's portrayal of Vincent is outstanding, capturing the character's grumpy exterior and softer side with ease. McCarthy's performance as the struggling single mom is equally impressive, and the chemistry between her, Murray and young newcomer Jaeden Martell as Oliver is a joy to watch. Watts, too, adds to the film's charm with her role as Daka, a stripper with a heart of gold who has a soft spot for Vincent.

The film also touches on important themes like the impact war can have on people, both mentally and physically, the challenges of single parenthood, the importance of family and the value of loyalty and friendship. It’s a tribute to those who serve, those who love them, and those caught in the crossfire. It is poignant, humorous and leaves the audience feeling inspired.

In conclusion, St. Vincent de Van Nuys is a heartwarming and endearing movie, anchored by a standout performance from Bill Murray. It’s a film that will leave you feeling good, thanks to its likable cast, touching story and observations on life in the modern world. The movie is a work of art from start to finish, and definitely worth a watch.

St. Vincent de Van Nuys
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