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"Malpractice Made Perfect"
  • R
  • 1985
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 4.2  (378)

Stitches is a comedy-drama movie released in 1985 starring Parker Stevenson, Geoffrey Lewis, and Brian Tochi. Directed by Rod Holcomb, the movie revolves around the life of a rising comedian named Michael "Mick" Shylock (Parker Stevenson) who is struggling to make his big break in show business. After a few failed gigs, Mick discovers that he has a rare and incurable disease that might end his career. Meanwhile, Mick's estranged father, a veteran comedian and TV personality named Charlie Shylock (Geoffrey Lewis), offers him a chance to return to the stage and revive his career.

Mick initially resists the idea, but his need for money and desire to prove himself outweigh his reluctance. He joins a comedy troupe that his father is part of, which includes two other comedians, Gil (Brian Tochi) and Fred (John Pleshette). The troupe is known for their comedy routines that are based on physical humor that involves stunts and pranks. However, Mick finds it hard to fit into the group and his difficulties start to affect his performances.

As the story progresses, the audience gets to see the relationship between Mick and his father Charlie. We see how they were separated, and Charlie's lack of understanding and support towards his son. Charlie's fame and success as a comedian has put him in a position where he has become indifferent to his son's needs. Mick, who is aware of his father's achievements, constantly feels like he has to live up to his father's expectations to be taken seriously as a comedian.

Another important character in the movie is a woman named Annie (Joyce Hyser), who works with the comedy troupe. She is the only person who seems to have faith in Mick's abilities and helps him prepare his routines. Their friendship begins to grow deeper as Mick begins to rely on Annie's support and encouragement.

Throughout the film, the comedy troupe goes through various performances in different locations, and despite several setbacks and challenges, they manage to nail their routines. Mick gradually gains confidence and develops his own unique style of comedy, which proves successful. He begins to perform better and bond with his fellow troupe members, which eventually leads to him reconciling with his father.

The movie showcases the challenges faced by comedians in the world of entertainment, including the intense competition, extreme pressure, and the emotional toll it can take on an individual. The story also touches upon the strained relationship between a father and son, and the importance of communication and empathy. It is a tale of transformation that manifests through comedy, which is the most effective way to lighten the mood and relieve stress.

The film features commendable performances from the cast, especially Geoffrey Lewis, who steals the show with his portrayal of the flawed yet relatable character of Charlie Shylock. Parker Stevenson brings a raw and realistic approach to his character, Mick, and evokes sympathy from the audience with his vulnerability. The supporting cast also does an excellent job, with Brian Tochi providing the much-needed comic relief as Gil, and Joyce Hyser adding depth to the character of Annie.

Overall, Stitches is an entertaining movie that not only provides laughs but also explores serious themes of identity, self-worth, and familial relationships. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy and drama, and who can appreciate a good story that is well-told.

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