Storm Cell

"Run For Your Life"
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Storm Cell is sci-fi action thriller that was written by Michael Konyves. Directed by Steven R. Monroe, the movie features Mimi Rogers, Andrew Airlie and Robert Moloney. The story begins with a flashback that details how April Saunders witnessed her parents dying in a tornado in Oklahoma. As an adult, April (Mimi Rogers) dedicated her life to following tornadoes. She is a college professor as well as the author of a book concerning global warming, which she is a staunch believer in.

April’s high school daughter, Dana, has a passion for acting. She is disappointed that her mother does not spend much time with her. Dana rushes to her mother upon being terrified by severe hail storms with threatening tornadoes.

Seattle has begun to form unusual weather patterns. However, because tornadoes are generally not expected in the area, meteorologists there do not know how to deal with them. Therefore, April goes to Washington State as a consultant to assist.

Upon arrival, April hears about uncharacteristically severe weather about to head their way. The weatherman is an old flame which complicates matters. As she begins her calculations and estimates, the first tornado hits the area.

April teams with her former paramour to handle the impending tornado menace, following it in a helicopter. During this time, April informs him that Dana is their daughter.

Dana becomes romantically entangled with Ryan who winds up holding her hostage in the yard. April and the team are busy confronting the tornado that is rapidly approaching. Therefore, they are rather oblivious to what is happening with Dana. As the enormous and very threatening tornado moves in closer, it is apparent to Ryan that he better duck for cover. As a result, Dana is able to get away from him.

The Seattle tornado situation continues to threaten the area as the two try to thwart it. However at the very most, they are only be able to provide their expert guidance.

| 2008 | | 4.1/10
Mimi Rogers, Robert Moloney, Andrew Airlie, Ryan Kennedy
Steven R. Monroe
Storm Cell
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