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Directed by Forest Whitaker and written by Dena Kleiman, the movie Strapped is an action drama. It is a story about the life of troubled Bokeem Woodbine, playing an ex-con who is trying to get his life together. However, in the midst of doing so he runs into some major problems. His feelings for his girlfriend and their soon to be child gets him dragged back into bad situations.

His pregnant girlfriend gets caught selling drugs, and now he's forced to back on the streets to figure out how to get his girlfriend and future child safely back in his arms. However, he chooses to do things a bit differently this time around by working with the cops and dealing with things on the street. He meets up with a Michael Biehn, starring as a cop who busts illegal gun dealers. Michael Biehn agrees on a deal to help Bokeem get his girlfriend out of jail.

Bokeem is supposed to turn on the people he used to be friends with and do business with by helping the cop bust them and put them away for good. Things do a big turnaround when the cop decides that Bokeem isn't doing good enough and feels there is something going on he doesn't know about. This makes Bokeem stuck in the middle of a very dangerous game however, he is not willing to give up so easy with the mother of his child's freedom on the line.

Bokeem is putting his life on the line from a deal gone wrong. Bokeem is motivated to do what needs to be done to get his girlfriend out of trouble while trying to stay out of trouble his self and leave the con life behind.

| 1993 | 1 hr 44 min | 6.4/10
William James Stiggers Jr., Chi Ali, Bokeem Woodbine, Starletta DuPois
Forest Whitaker
Produced By
Nellie Nugiel
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