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  • 1999
  • 4.6  (13)

Street Angels is a 1999 Hong Kong action-comedy film directed by Billy Tang and starring Grace Yip, Melody Chen, and Nicholas Tse. The movie is set in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, where the two main characters, a duo of female street racers, compete in illegal races through the city's narrow streets and alleys while avoiding the authorities and rival gangs.

The movie opens with a thrilling race through the city streets, which sets the tone for the entire film. The two lead characters, Ah-sou (Grace Yip) and Ah-Nuo (Melody Chen), are introduced as fearless racers who are desperate to escape their impoverished circumstances. Ah-sou is an orphan who dreams of owning her own car and leaving the streets behind, while Ah-nuo is a former prostitute who hopes to start a new life with her son.

As the story progresses, the two women form an unlikely friendship and decide to team up to compete in races as a duo. They are soon joined by two young men, Sky (Nicholas Tse) and Fly (Stephen Fung), who are also aspiring street racers. Together, the quartet takes on the city's most dangerous and notorious gangs in a series of high-speed chases that culminate in a thrilling finale.

Street Angels has all the classic elements of a Hong Kong action film - high-speed chases, intense fight scenes, and a healthy dose of humor. The film's action sequences are particularly impressive, with director Billy Tang utilizing the city's landscape to create a visually stunning and adrenaline-fueled experience.

But what truly sets Street Angels apart is its focus on character development. The film's central characters, particularly Ah-sou and Ah-nuo, are complex and well-rounded, with fully realized backstories that make them more than just one-dimensional action heroines. The movie also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and family, adding emotional depth to the story.

The film's cast is also excellent, particularly the two lead actresses. Grace Yip (who also serves as the film's action director) delivers a powerful performance as Ah-sou, imbuing the character with a combination of toughness and vulnerability. Melody Chen is equally impressive as Ah-nuo, effortlessly transitioning between moments of tenderness and fierce determination.

Nicholas Tse, who was only 18 years old at the time of filming, is also noteworthy as Sky. Despite his youth, Tse displays an impressive range as an actor, and his natural charisma makes him a standout in every scene he's in.

Overall, Street Angels is an enjoyable and thrilling movie that deserves to be much better known outside of Hong Kong. It's a must-see for fans of action films and a testament to the talents of its cast and crew.

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    4.6  (13)