Summer Love

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Esma Hanim is a Turkish man who has broken free from the depressed culture of his poor hometown. He embarks on an exploration of Turkey with a mind for finding a mate. What he finds, is a human landscape full of lighthearted and comic anecdotes from his fellow countrymen. This is one country where searching for a life partner might entail a rompous trek through a memorably humorous survey of everyone remotely tied to either interested party. It's a Turkish delight with a focus placed on communal contributions to a new nuptial.

2001 | 1 hr 46 min | 6.5/10
Ece Eksi, Lale Mansur, Luk Piyes, Ayla Algan
Bar Pirhasan
Produced By
Yavuz Bayraktarolu, Jnos Rzsa, Mine Varg
Summer Love
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