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  • 2007
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 3.0  (879)

Supergator is an action-packed adventure film released in 2007 that centers around a 60-foot giant alligator named "The Super Gator." The movie brings viewers on a thrilling journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the bustling streets of Los Angeles as the massive creature terrorizes anyone who dares to cross its path. The film stars Brad Johnson as lead character Scott Kinney, a biologist who has developed a special serum that can enlarge animals to enormous sizes but inadvertently creates the massive creature after testing it on a baby alligator. Kelly McGillis plays Kim Taft, the head of the EPA, who is brought in to stop the Super Gator before it's too late. Bianca Lawson portrays her daughter, Dr. Evelyn, a brilliant scientist who helps Scott develop a plan to take down the beast. Mary Alexandra Stiefvater rounds out the cast as a reality TV star caught in the crosshairs of the Super Gator's rampage.

The movie opens with Scott and his team, which includes Dr. Evelyn, capturing a baby alligator to test the serum on. The serum works, but the baby alligator grows to an enormous size and becomes nearly impossible to control. Meanwhile, a group of college students embarks on a camping trip in the Louisiana swamps and stumbles upon the Super Gator. The creature's relentless attacks kill everyone in the group, leaving only one survivor, the reality TV star.

Kim Taft is brought in to put a stop to the Super Gator, and she enlists Scott and Dr. Evelyn's help in finding and neutralizing the creature. The trio navigates through the swamps of Louisiana, encountering various obstacles along the way, all while knowing that time is running out as the Super Gator continues to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting residents of the area.

As they track the Super Gator to a nearby town, they discover the reality TV star and bring her along for the ride. In a gripping chase scene through the streets of Los Angeles, the Super Gator manages to elude capture, causing widespread destruction in its wake.

With so much on the line, Scott and the team intensify their efforts to capture the deadly creature. They devise a plan to trap the Super Gator and lure it into a nearby stadium with the hope of sedating it and taking it into custody.

In the climactic scene, the Super Gator breaks free from its restraints, leaving Scott and his team scrambling for their lives. They eventually manage to subdue the creature, and in the end, the Super Gator is sent back to its natural habitat, the Louisiana swamps.

Supergator is a thrilling action-adventure movie that showcases an impressive balance of suspenseful action and character-driven storytelling. The film's talented cast delivers a compelling performance, effectively capturing the fear, excitement, and adrenaline rush that comes with encountering such a massive and deadly creature. Moreover, the movie's high-quality production value and stunning visual effects make Supergator an entertaining experience that will keep audiences engrossed from start to finish.

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    1 hr 36 min
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    3.0  (879)