Sweet Charity

"Love is what it's all about!"
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Sweet Charity is another musical Broadway play brought to the screen. Charity Hope Valentine is a love sick taxi dancer in New York City. She is unfortunate in love, and her boyfriend robs her and pushes her off a nearby bridge. Charity meets a new conquest while riding in an elevator. She doesn’t reveal her job title to Oscar, at first. When she does mention to him that she is a taxi dancer, he appears to accept her. The relationship doesn't lead to marriage. This film is filled with singing and dancing, including, “If They Could See Me Now.”

| 1969 | 2 hr 29 min | 7.0/10 | 53/100
Shirley MacLaine, John McMartin, Ricardo Montalban, Sammy Davis Jr.
Bob Fosse
Produced By
Robert Arthur
Sweet Charity
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