The Turning Point

"The generations change. But the choices remain the same."
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DeeDee is a former ballerina who now runs a dance studio in Oklahoma City. She and her dancer husband Wayne left the ballet together to start a family after she became pregnant. Meanwhile her best friend Emma remained and eventually rose to the position of prima ballerina. Now, years later, Emma and the ballet company come through town and old memories and regrets are stirred up by their arrival. Things become even more complicated when DeeDee's daughter, now a teenager with dance aspirations of her own, is offered a position with the company.

| 1977 | 1 hr 59 min | 6.9/10 | 68/100
Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLaine, Tom Skerritt, Mikhail Baryshnikov
Herbert Ross
Produced By
Arthur Laurents, Herbert Ross, Nora Kaye
The Turning Point
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