Deep in My Heart

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Deep In My Heart is about a young white woman, Geraldine Cummins, who was walking home from the movies, when she was jumped and raped by a black man. In shock, she returns home to her husband, Bob, and explains what had happened. After a while, she learns that she is pregnant and begins to hate the thought of her unborn child because she doesn't want a constant reminder of her rapist. She decides to keep the baby in hopes that it is her husbands child and because she is Catholic. Her husband is supportive during the pregnancy as Geraldine grows attached to the baby. She fears that the baby would be black and she would be scoffed at for being raped so she was convinced that it was a better idea to give it up for adoption. The baby was a little black girl. Just before she gives her to Corrine Burrell, a black woman in Roxbury, she names the little girl Barbra Anne Cummins.

Seven years later, Barbra wonders about her birth parents, even though Corrine assures that she is her mother just not her birth mother. Not to long after, a social worker comes to Corrine's house to take Barbra to a white family in Wisconsin. Barbra is crushed, as she is forced away from the only family she knows. The well-off family, Annalise and Paul, adopted Barbra. While Annalise was thrilled, Paul was upset and did not want Barbra. Annalise soon becomes worried about Barbra's reclusive nature and suggests that they move to a black neighbor so that Barbra would feel comfortable. Paul hated the idea but moved anyway. Later on, Paul leaves Annalise and Barbra. Annalise had to find a job and often left Barbra home to herself. 16 year old Barbra later on meets Don, a 17 year old football playing choir boy, and she becomes pregnant.

After many years and into Barbra's 4th pregnancy, her doctor advises her to get in touch with her family records. She then connects back with Corrine. Corrine tells her the truth about her birth mother. After a while, she finds Geraldine, her birth mother and plans to meet her after 34 years later. Geraldine happily meets her daughter, explaining everything and apologizing for ever having giving Barbra up for adoption.

1999 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.8/10
Anne Bancroft, Lynn Whitfield, Alice Krige, Cara Buono
Anita W. Addison
Deep in My Heart
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Also starring Lynn Whitfield