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  • NR
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 5.8  (149)

Tales From the Dead from 2008 is an anthology film featuring four different stories, all of which revolve around the theme of death. The film is directed by three different directors: Yamaguchi Yudai, Sakamoto Ryuhei, and Nakamura Igao. The tales are all set in different time periods and locations, but they are all united by the common thread of exploring what happens after we die.

The first story, "The Last Post," is directed by Yamaguchi Yudai and is set in the present day in Japan. The story revolves around a postman named Takuya who discovers a mysterious box while delivering mail. Inside the box, he finds a letter from a woman named Emi who passed away three weeks earlier. Takuya becomes obsessed with finding out more about Emi's life and death, and he visits her family in order to learn more. However, he soon discovers that Emi's death may not have been natural, and he finds himself caught up in a dangerous situation.

The second story, "Rattle Rattle," is directed by Sakamoto Ryuhei and is set in Tokyo in the 1950s. The story follows a young couple, Kikko and Koji, who are on their way to their wedding ceremony. However, their journey is interrupted by a strange man who claims to be a taxi driver. The man takes them on a terrifying ride through the city, during which they encounter a series of supernatural events.

The third story, "The Inheritance of Sake," is directed by Nakamura Igao and is set in Japan in the 18th century. The story revolves around a family of sake brewers who are struggling to keep their business afloat. When the patriarch of the family dies, his three sons are left to inherit the business. However, they soon discover that their father has left them a mysterious sake that has been aged for over 20 years. As they try to sell the sake, they begin to experience strange and terrifying visions.

The final story, "Reincarnation," is directed by Yamaguchi Yudai and is set in Japan in the 1940s. The story follows a young girl named Yuka who has vivid memories of her past life. She believes that she was a pilot who died in a plane crash during World War II. Her father, a scientist, becomes obsessed with proving that she is actually his deceased son reincarnated. However, his experiments have unintended and horrifying consequences.

Overall, Tales From the Dead is a suspenseful and thought-provoking film that explores the many different ways people cope with death. The stories are all unique and offer different perspectives on the afterlife. The acting is solid across the board, and the film's visuals are stunning. The directors do an excellent job of balancing horror and drama to create a cohesive whole. Fans of horror anthologies should definitely check it out.

Tales From The Dead
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