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Tarzan and The She-Devil is a 1953 adventure movie showcasing the iconic character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Directed by Kurt Neumann, it is the ninth movie to feature Tarzan and the second to star Lex Barker as the titular character. The movie starts with Tarzan rescuing Dr. Ann Phillips (Joyce Mackenzie) and her colleague from a dangerous tribe that is trying to capture them. The doctor is searching for a rare species of medicine in the African jungle and Tarzan helps her in her quest.

As the story progresses, we find out that a notorious criminal named Vargo (Raymond Burr) is also on the hunt for the same rare medicine. He is accompanied by his accomplice, the seductive and ruthless queen of the Ashuba tribe, Queen La (Monique van Vooren), also known as The She-Devil.

Vargo and Queen La's mission is to sell the medicine for a high price to a group of criminals who want to use it to poison the water supply of a major city. Tarzan is determined to stop them at any cost and protect the rare medicine.

The movie is a classic Tarzan adventure that is filled with action, danger, and suspense, as Tarzan and his allies face off against Vargo and Queen La's treacherous schemes. The jungle offers a unique backdrop for the showdown between good and evil.

One of the highlights of the movie is the dramatic and thrilling fight scenes, which are choreographed expertly. Barker's portrayal of Tarzan is laudable, and he captures the rugged and fearless nature of the character.

Joyce Mackenzie is impressive as Dr. Ann Phillips, holding her own against Tarzan in a refreshing way. She is not a passive damsel in distress, as is the norm in many adventure movies of that era, but an intelligent and capable scientist who is an equal to Tarzan in many respects.

Raymond Burr delivers a convincing performance as the manipulative and sly Vargo. He perfectly embodies the character's greed and desire for power. Monique van Vooren's portrayal of Queen La is also noteworthy. She plays the role with a sense of seductive ferocity that is both intriguing and frightening.

The cinematography and film direction are top-notch, especially for a movie of that era. The African jungle is brought to life in vivid detail, with the lush foliage, rugged terrain, and wild animals adding to the film's ambiance.

The movie's ending is thrilling and satisfying, and it leaves the audience wanting for more. Overall, Tarzan and The She-Devil is an excellent movie that any adventure enthusiast would enjoy. The performances, direction, and action scenes are impressive, and the movie is a fitting tribute to the legendary character that inspired it.

Tarzan and The She-Devil
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