Tarzeena: Queen of The Jungle

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  • NR
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 15 min
  • 3.8  (275)

Tarzeena: Queen of The Jungle is a 2008 independent adventure film directed by Joe D'Amato, starring Christine Nguen as Tarzeena, the savage jungle queen, Nicole Sheridan as her rival, Queen Zena, and Voodoo as the hero who comes to Tarzeena's rescue. The film follows Tarzeena as she fights to defend her territory from encroaching invaders, both human and animal.

The movie begins with Tarzeena living in peaceful isolation in the jungle. She spends her days swimming in the river, climbing trees, and wrestling with jungle beasts. But her idyllic existence is interrupted when a group of explorers led by George (Evan Stone) and Samantha (Jasmine Byrne) stumble upon her domain. The group has come to the jungle in search of a legendary treasure, and they plan to use Tarzeena's knowledge of the jungle to help them find it.

Tarzeena is initially wary of the newcomers, but she agrees to help them in exchange for their promise to leave the jungle once they have found what they are looking for. As they journey deeper into the jungle, the group encounters a variety of dangerous creatures, including a giant snake and a group of aggressive apes.

Meanwhile, Tarzeena's arch-nemesis, Queen Zena, is plotting to take over Tarzeena's territory. Zena is the ruler of a nearby tribe, and she has long desired to expand her domain. When she learns that Tarzeena is helping the explorers, she sees an opportunity to strike.

As the two queens face off, Tarzeena realizes that she cannot defeat Zena alone. She enlists the help of Voodoo, a mysterious jungle hero who has been watching over her from a distance. With Voodoo's assistance, Tarzeena is able to stave off Zena's attacks and protect her people.

Tarzeena: Queen of The Jungle is a low-budget film, and it shows in some of the special effects and production values. However, the movie has a certain charm that can be attributed to its earnestness and enthusiasm. The film makers clearly had fun making the movie, and that joy is infectious.

The performances are generally solid, with Christine Nguyen doing an admirable job in the title role. She convincingly captures Tarzeena's feral nature and physical prowess, while also conveying a certain vulnerability and naivete. Meanwhile, Nicole Sheridan is suitably conniving as Zena, and Voodoo exudes a quiet intensity as the enigmatic hero.

The movie is also notable for its exploitation elements. There are a number of scenes that feature scantily clad women, and the camera lingers on their bodies in a way that feels almost voyeuristic. Additionally, there are several instances of violence and gore, including a graphic scene of a man being devoured by a giant snake.

Overall, Tarzeena: Queen of The Jungle is a harmless enough diversion for fans of low-budget adventure films. It may not be a classic, but it is an enjoyable romp through the jungle that features plenty of action, thrills, and cheesecake. If you're looking for a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and is willing to embrace its B-movie roots, then Tarzeena: Queen of The Jungle might be worth checking out.

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