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"For maximum thrill . . . we earnestly urge you to see this motion picture from the start!"
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  • 1961
  • 1 hr 18 min
  • 7.4  (5,416)
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In the movie Taste of Fear, Susan Strasberg plays the character of a young woman named Penny whose father has died under mysterious circumstances. Penny returns to her family's isolated villa in the French Riviera after spending several years in a wheelchair due to an accident. Upon her arrival, she is greeted by her stepmother, Jane (played by Ann Todd), who is happy to see her but also seems to have a secret.

Penny soon discovers that her stepmother is hiding the fact that she is having an affair with Penny's father's friend, Dr. Gerrard (played by Ronald Lewis). Jane insists that she had nothing to do with Penny's father's death but Penny remains unconvinced. Meanwhile, strange things begin to happen in the villa - Penny hears strange noises and sees strange figures lurking in the shadows.

As Penny becomes more and more convinced that someone is trying to hurt her, she turns to Dr. Gerrard for help. However, she soon realizes that he may not be the person she thought he was. As the tension builds and the mysteries deepen, Penny starts to uncover a web of deceit and betrayal that may lead to her own downfall.

Taste of Fear is a suspenseful thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The movie is beautifully shot on location in the French Riviera, with its stunning landscapes and luxurious villas providing a perfect backdrop for the story. The cinematography, lighting, and sound effects all work together seamlessly to create an atmosphere of tension and unease, which is only heightened by the eerie score.

The acting is top-notch, with Susan Strasberg delivering a captivating performance as the vulnerable and determined Penny. Ann Todd plays Jane with a subtle complexity that makes her character's motivations difficult to decipher, while Ronald Lewis portrays Dr. Gerrard with a charm and menace that keeps viewers guessing about his true intentions.

Overall, Taste of Fear is a masterful example of suspense cinema. The movie's talented director, Seth Holt, expertly builds tension and creates a sense of unease that leaves viewers guessing until the very end. The story is complex and nuanced, with plenty of unexpected twists and turns to keep even the most seasoned thriller fans engaged. If you're a fan of classic suspense movies, Taste of Fear is a must-see.

Taste of Fear
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    7.4  (5,416)
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