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  • 2002
  • 7.1  (3,599)

Ten Minutes Older (2002) is a contemplative and thought-provoking film divided into two parts: The Trumpet, directed by Victor Erice, and The Cello, directed by Claire Denis. The film stars Markku Peltola, Kati Outinen, and Marko Haavisto. The Trumpet is the first part of the film and tells the story of a man who has played the same trumpet line in a piece of music for his entire career. As his performance draws near, he starts to reflect on his life and the influence that playing the same piece of music has had on him. The Trumpet is an introspective and slow-paced story that invites the viewer to contemplate the passage of time and the choices we make and how they shape our lives.

The second part of the film, The Cello, is directed by Claire Denis and tells the story of a cellist who is traveling through various landscapes on a train. As she watches the scenery pass by, she reflects on her life and the different places she has visited throughout her career. The Cello is a visual poem that explores the relationship between music and the environment, as well as the ways in which the places we visit can shape our perceptions of the world.

The cinematography in Ten Minutes Older is stunning, with both directors making great use of landscapes and cityscapes to create a sense of time and place. The visuals are accompanied by a beautiful score that helps to create a contemplative and reflective mood.

The film also features some great performances, particularly from Markku Peltola and Kati Outinen, who convey a great deal of emotion and depth despite the minimalist storytelling style of The Trumpet.

Ten Minutes Older is a film that invites contemplation and reflection. It is not a fast-paced or action-packed film, but rather a slow-burning meditation on the passage of time and the choices we make. It is a film that rewards patience and attention, and provides a thoughtful and introspective look at the human experience.

Ten Minutes Older
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