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  • 1980
  • 81 hr
  • 5.1  (558)

Terror Express is a 1980 Italian horror-thriller directed by Ferdinando Baldi. The film follows a group of passengers traveling on a train through Eastern Europe who become the targets of a sadistic killer on board. The movie begins as a train embarks on a journey through Yugoslavia with a diverse group of passengers onboard, including an American couple, a British businessman, a Frenchwoman, a Greek couple, a German and a few Yugoslavian citizens. The different nationalities and personalities add to the tension and the unpredictability of the situation. The film takes a moment to introduce us to each of the travelers before settling into the core story.

As the train moves deeper into the night, strange things start to occur. A passenger is found murdered in his cabin, and the killer leaves a note that warns that there will be more deaths. With no way to escape and no one to rely on but one another, the passengers quickly realize that they are trapped on the train with a homicidal maniac who is picking them off one by one.

The movie is a quintessential example of the 'whodunit' genre. With several potential suspects on board and limited options to explore, the passengers wrestle with paranoia and the realization that anyone could be the killer. The tension slowly builds up as the passengers become more suspicious of each other, and the killer becomes more brazen, leaving clues that suggest that he wants to be caught. This leads to several tense scenes as the passengers attempt to confront and outsmart the killer.

Despite its low budget, Terror Express features elaborate set pieces that are both impressive and unsettling. The train, with its claustrophobic surroundings and limited options for escape, serves as the perfect backdrop for the mayhem. The film's tension-driven horror and suspenseful pacing are enhanced by the grisly murders, which are gruesome for the era's standards.

The movie's core cast is strong, with each character bringing their own personality and backstory to the table. Silvia Dionisio plays Anna, a journalist who finds herself investigating the murders alongside the British businessman. Dionisio exudes the necessary verve and determination required of her role, while Werner Pochath deftly portrays the businessman's steely resolve and stiff upper lip. Zora Kerova plays a sensitive Yugoslavian mother who is traveling with her vulnerable child, adding a layer of emotion and maternal concern to the proceedings.

The movie's primary weakness is its lack of a standout villain. While the killer is effective at creating mayhem and keeping everyone on edge, the mystery's resolution feels slightly underwhelming. The reveal of the killer's identity does not pack the intended punch, primarily because the killer's motivation is never fully explored or established.

Despite the film's flaws, it is an impressive and enjoyable horror-thriller that fans of the genre will appreciate. The combination of a maniacal killer with a limited pool of suspects, combined with the confined and inescapable setting, will keep audiences on the edge of their seats as they try to solve the mystery of the Terror Express.

In conclusion, Terror Express is an entertaining horror movie that delivers on suspense, thrills and chills. Although it may not break new ground, it is a well-executed example of the genre that expertly builds up tension by trapping its characters in a confined space and putting them in grave danger. With great performances and solid direction, fans of horror and mystery will find plenty to enjoy in this overlooked gem from 1980.

Terror Express
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    5.1  (558)