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  • 1974
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 3.9  (257)

Carambola is an Italian comedy film from 1974, directed by Ferdinando Baldi and starring Paul L. Smith, Antonio Cantafora, and Horst Frank. The movie is set in the Wild West and revolves around two very different men who become unlikely partners in their quest to retrieve a stolen treasure. The film opens with a scene of a group of bandits robbing a stagecoach and stealing a chest full of gold. The bandits take the chest to their hideout in the mountains, but before they can open it, they are ambushed by a group of lawmen. In the confusion, the chest falls down a steep slope and into a river.

Some time later, we are introduced to the two main characters: the hulking, dim-witted Coby (Paul L. Smith) and the suave, charming Kid (Antonio Cantafora). Coby is a bounty hunter who has just captured a notorious criminal named Red (Horst Frank), who, it turns out, was one of the bandits who stole the gold chest. When Coby learns of the chest's fate, he enlists Kid's help in finding it.

Kid, who has a reputation as a ladies' man and a gambler, is initially reluctant to get involved. However, when he learns that the chest contains a valuable diamond that belonged to his father, who was murdered by the bandits, he agrees to help Coby.

The two men set out on their adventure, encountering various obstacles along the way. They must deal with hostile townspeople, dangerous outlaws, and treacherous terrain. They also get into a number of comical situations, such as when Kid tries to teach Coby how to dance and when they accidentally stumble upon a nudist camp.

Throughout their journey, the odd couple slowly become friends and learn to appreciate each other's strengths. Coby proves to be stronger and more resilient than Kid, while Kid uses his wit and charm to get them out of sticky situations.

As they approach their goal, they find themselves up against Red and his gang, who are also searching for the chest. A climactic showdown takes place, and the treasure's true ownership is revealed.

Carambola is a lighthearted and entertaining comedy, with a strong emphasis on physical humor and slapstick. Paul L. Smith gives a standout performance as the lovable oaf Coby, who is both hilarious and endearing. Antonio Cantafora is also excellent as the smooth-talking Kid, who balances out Coby's brawn with his brain. Horst Frank is suitably menacing as the villainous Red, and the supporting cast all do a fine job.

The film's setting of the Wild West provides a colorful backdrop for the humor and action. The cinematography is well-done, with some impressive scenic shots of the rugged mountain terrain. The musical score is also memorable, with a catchy main theme that perfectly captures the film's playful spirit.

Overall, Carambola is a fun and energetic comedy that is sure to entertain fans of the genre. It may not be the most sophisticated or thought-provoking film, but it is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Its blend of action, humor, and charm make it a classic of its kind.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 36 min
  • IMDB Rating
    3.9  (257)