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"Look out! Here comes Trinity..."

They Call Me Trinity is a comedic spaghetti western starring Terrence Hill as Trinity and Bud Spencer as his brother Bambino. Both of them are wanted men, but they have little else in common. Both their appearances and their personalities are very different. Bambino is a burly, bearded, dark-haired no-nonsense cowboy, whose brute strength is hard for others to match.

When the leader of a band of ne’er-do-wells slaps Bambino in the face with all his strength, Bambino does not flinch. Yet one blow from him knocks the man to the ground. Bambino is always grumpy and always grumbling, unlike his brother, who is constantly joking. Trinity is fair-haired and handsome, with blue eyes that he often uses to try to make himself look innocent.

While Bambino takes his work very seriously, Trinity is lazy until it becomes absolutely necessary for him to act. He spends much of his time napping on a hammock he has made and attached to his horse. Even when his horse pulls him through water, he continues to sleep, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings.

He maintains his calm demeanor, even while being attacked. This often gives his enemies the impression that he is unprepared for them, but he is able to shoot almost as calmly as he sleeps. While Bambino often loses his temper, Trinity constantly smiles, even when his enemies insult and threaten him.

While Bambino has little time for nonsense, Trinity is full of mischief. He often irritates his brother, but the two work well together when they are in danger. Trinity is an excellent marksman with an incredibly fast draw. He is able to flip his pistol in the air multiple times before the other men can even draw theirs. He has a perfect aim, even when shooting behind himself or up at assailants who are outside the line of his vision.

When the two brothers fall in love with two women who reside in the town, they risk their own lives to rescue the village. They are ultimately successful.

| 1971 | 1 hr 49 min | 7.5/10
They Call Me Trinity

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