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"He's a washed-up loser. But sometimes losers can be heroes..."
  • PG
  • 1979
  • 2 hr
  • 6.4  (10,065)
  • 64

The Electric Horseman is a dramatic, romantic comedy that was released in 1979. The film stars Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, and Valerie Perrine, and was directed by Sydney Pollack. The movie is set in the American West and follows the story of a former rodeo champion named Sonny Steele, played by Redford. Sonny once competed on the rodeo circuit and became famous for his skill and style, but now he's working as a spokesperson for a breakfast cereal called Ranch Breakfast. He's miserable in his current job, feeling like he's lost his sense of purpose and direction in life.

One day, Sonny decides to steal a valuable racehorse named Rising Star, who has been given to him as part of a publicity stunt, so he can set it free in the wild. Along the way, he runs into Jane Fonda's character, a journalist named Hallie Martin. Hallie is ambitious and eager to get a story, and when she realizes that Sonny has stolen the horse, she decides to follow him and document the whole thing.

As they journey across the country, Sonny and Hallie grow closer and start to fall in love. But they are also pursued by a team of ranchers and government officials who want to bring the horse back and keep Sonny quiet. Additionally, they have to contend with the elements and the challenges of traveling on horseback, including dangerous encounters with other animals and harsh weather conditions.

The Electric Horseman is a powerful film that deals with themes of freedom, courage, and the struggle for individuality in a world that can be suffocating and oppressive. It's also a love story, with Redford and Fonda delivering strong performances as two people who connect on a deep level despite their vastly different backgrounds and experiences.

One of the most striking things about the movie is the way it depicts the American West as simultaneously beautiful and dangerous. The landscapes are vast and awe-inspiring, but they are also filled with unpredictable wildlife, harsh weather, and other challenges that can make life difficult for those who seek to live off the land. It's clear that Sonny feels a deep connection to this environment and wants to protect it from the forces of civilization that threaten to destroy it.

Overall, The Electric Horseman is a well-crafted film that combines drama, comedy, and romance in a satisfying way. It's a testament to the talents of its stars and the director, and it remains a beloved classic of 70s cinema.

The Electric Horseman
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    6.4  (10,065)
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