Watch Shergar: Discover the Heart of a Champion

  • PG-13
  • 1999
  • 1 hr 35 min

Shergar: Discover the Heart of a Champion is a biographical film that depicts the life and story of one of the most famous racehorses in history, Shergar. The movie begins by introducing the audience to a young Shergar, who is born in 1978 in County Louth, Ireland. The film then follows Shergar as he matures into a majestic thoroughbred, trained by the renowned trainer, Michael Stoute.

As Shergar begins his racing career, the audience is drawn into the excitement that surrounds his every victory. The film features various thrilling and intense racing scenes, each illustrating the incredible athleticism and speed of the magnificent stallion.

Alongside Shergar's racing success, the movie also delves into the horse's personality and character. We see the bond between Shergar and his groom, Jim Fitzgerald, as well as the horse's playful and affectionate nature with the children who come to visit him in the stables.

Despite his initial success on the track, the plot takes a turn when Shergar is kidnapped from his stables by an unknown group of men. The movie then becomes a tense and emotional race against time, as the authorities and Shergar's team attempt to locate and rescue the stallion.

The film also portrays the aftermath of the kidnapping, as the filmmaking team explores the impact of the incident on the racing community and the nation as a whole. The plot highlights the extensive media coverage and the investigation that followed the horse's disappearance.

Throughout the movie, Alan Barker delivers a strong performance as Michael Stoute, showcasing the trainer's skill and dedication to his horses. Billy Boyle also delivers an impressive portrayal of Jim Fitzgerald, Shergar's groom, highlighting the deep connection he had with the horse.

Stephen Brennan's performance as John Oxx, the Irish trainer who later took over Shergar's training, brings an additional depth to the film, allowing viewers to appreciate the horse's success under a different trainer.

Overall, Shergar: Discover the Heart of a Champion is an engaging and emotional film that highlights the incredible story of one of the most celebrated racehorses in history. Through its powerful storytelling and stunning visuals, it delivers a captivating and inspirational film that will leave viewers both moved and inspired.

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