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"For People With NERVES Of Iron Only!"
  • PG
  • 1959
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 5.3  (819)

Terror is a Man, also known as Blood Creature, is a horror film from the Philippines that was released in 1959. Directed by Gerardo de Leon and Teddy Page, the movie was the first Filipino horror film to feature English dialogue. Set on a remote island, the movie begins with William Fitzgerald (Richard Derr), a shipwreck survivor, being rescued by Dr. Charles Girard (Francis Lederer) and his wife, Cristina (Greta Thyssen). However, as soon as Fitzgerald arrives on the island, he begins to encounter strange occurrences, including horrific screams and creepy noises coming from the doctor's laboratory.

As Fitzgerald becomes more and more suspicious of the doctor's experiments, he starts to investigate and soon discovers that Dr. Girard is actually trying to create a human being from an animal. He has already transformed a panther into a human-like creature that he keeps chained up in the laboratory.

However, when the creature, who is referred to as Giselle, escapes, terror spreads throughout the island, and Dr. Girard's true intentions are revealed. He's determined to create the perfect human being, even if it means resorting to violence and murder.

Throughout the movie, the plot thickens as Fitzgerald tries to stop Dr. Girard's madness, while also developing feelings for Cristina. Meanwhile, Giselle becomes more human-like and even falls in love with Fitzgerald, leading to a dramatic and tragic ending.

Terror is a Man is a classic horror movie that features all of the hallmarks of the genre, including creepy music, tense atmosphere, and a terrifying creature. The black-and-white cinematography is stunning, and the use of shadows and lighting add to the overall sense of dread.

Apart from the artistry, the movie's plot is also intriguing, as it explores the ethical implications of playing God with nature. Dr. Girard's obsession with creating the perfect human, at the expense of other lives, ultimately causes his downfall.

The film's pacing, however, can be slow at times, and some of the dialogue can be stilted. Nevertheless, Terror is a Man is a must-see for horror fans, especially those interested in classic horror films from the Philippines. The film's success led to a sequel, Brides of Blood, which was also directed by Gerardo de Leon and is considered a cult classic.

In conclusion, Terror is a Man is a haunting, atmospheric horror film that explores the moral dilemmas surrounding scientific experimentation. The film's use of shadow and lighting adds an extra layer of tension to the movie, and its themes are as relevant today as they were when the movie was made. Fans of classic horror films and Filipino cinema should make sure to add this gem to their must-watch lists.

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    5.3  (819)