"Breaking up is hard to do..."
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Testosterone concerns a character named Dean Seagrave who is a graphic novelist living in L.A. Seagrave was very much in love and found personal happiness in his relationship with his hot boyfriend, Pablo, who’s an Argentinian, but couldn’t seem to get past his writer’s block after his successful debut graphic novel, Teenage Speed Freak.

After Pablo goes out for cigarettes and never returns, Dean decides to go search for him in Argentina. When he gets there he starts patrolling the street of Buenos Aires and that’s when it happened--he bumps into Pablo’s mother (Sonia Braga) at an art gallery.

While this wasn’t enough to stop Dean from searching for his love, he decides to hop on the next flight to Aerolineas Argentina to begin his search for Pablo. The first place he searched was Pablo’s family home.

| 2003 | 1 hr 45 min | 5.4/10 | 34/100
David Sutcliffe, Celina Font, Antonio Sabato Jr., Jennifer Coolidge
David Moreton
Produced By
David Moreton
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Also directed by David Moreton

Also starring David Sutcliffe