That Summer

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That Summer is a British drama. It was directed by Harley Cokeliss. It stars Tony London, Ray Winstone, Emily Moore, and Julie Shipley. The movie centers around Steve Brodie (Winstone) a 21-year-old who travels to Torquay after winning a swimming race in Borstal. He soon makes friends with Jimmy, the son of a London butcher. The two begin dating Northern England girls. Three young Scottish people have problems with Steve and end up framing him for a robbery held at a chemist shop. As a result, he gets arrested right before a swimming race he is about to compete in.

1980 | 1 hr 34 min | 6.5/10
Ray Winstone, Julie Shipley, Tony London, Emily Moore
Harley Cokeliss
Produced By
Davina Belling, Clive Parsons
That Summer
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