The 8th Night

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"Dark night of the soul."
  • TV-MA
  • 2021
  • 1 hr 55 min
  • 5.3  (4,026)

The 8th Night is a South Korean horror movie that was released in 2021. The movie is directed by Kim Tae-hyung and features actors Lee Sung-min, Park Hae-joon, and Kim Yoo-jeong in the lead roles. The movie follows the story of an ancient evil spirit that is released from its prison and begins a killing spree. The fate of the world rests in the hands of four people who must unravel the mystery behind the evil force and stop its reign of terror.

The movie begins with a prologue that takes place 1500 years ago. A group of monks trap a demon inside a wooden statue and bury it in the earth. The demon is said to return every 1000 years to seek out a human vessel to possess. Fast forward to the present day where the demon has been released from its prison and is on the hunt for a new host. A young girl named Ae-ran (played by Kim Yoo-jeong) is chosen as the vessel for the demon and begins to exhibit erratic and violent behavior. The demon needs seven souls to complete its transformation, and it has already claimed six. Ae-ran is the seventh and final victim needed for the demon to become whole.

Enter the main character, Park Jin-su (played by Lee Sung-min). Park is a former police officer who now works as a security guard at a Buddhist temple. Park is tormented by a dark past that involves the death of his daughter. His guilt and pain have caused him to turn to alcohol, which he often consumed while on the job. However, Park is given a second chance when he is tasked with protecting Ae-ran from the demon. Park is joined by a monk named Chung-seok (played by Park Hae-joon) who is an expert in dealing with malevolent spirits. The unlikely duo sets off on a quest to discover the mystery behind the demon's resurrection and how they can stop it before it claims Ae-ran's soul.

The 8th Night is a fascinating blend of horror and suspense that keeps the audience on edge from start to finish. The movie is masterfully directed as Kim Tae-hyung slowly builds the tension as the story unfolds. The performances are top-notch, with Lee Sung-min conveying a sense of vulnerability and strength as the troubled Park Jin-su. Park Hae-joon delivers an equally impressive performance as the wise and devout monk who must confront the evil spirit head-on.

As the movie progresses, the audience is taken on a roller-coaster ride of horror and suspense. The demon possesses several different people, and each time its power grows more potent. The demon's abilities are terrifying, ranging from mind control to shape-shifting. Its victims never see it coming, and the body count rises with each passing day.

The 8th Night also explores some profound themes about life, death, and redemption. Park Jin-su is a character who is broken by his past mistakes, but through his quest to protect Ae-ran, he finds a sense of purpose and reconciles with his demons. The movie touches on the value of self-sacrifice and how one person's actions can make a difference in the world.

Overall, The 8th Night is a gripping horror movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end, and the emotional depth of the characters adds an additional layer of complexity to the story. The film is a must-see for horror fans, and it cements South Korea's reputation as a powerhouse in the horror genre.

The 8th Night
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  • Release Date
  • MPAA Rating
  • Runtime
    1 hr 55 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.3  (4,026)