The Absence of War

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  • 1995
  • 1 hr 31 min
  • 7.4  (20)

The Absence of War is a political drama film that was released in 1995 directed by Richard Eyre. This movie was based on the play of the same title, written by David Hare. It is a thought-provoking movie about politics, the media, and the struggle for power. The story revolves around George Jones, played by Nicholas Day, the leader of the British Labour Party. George Jones is a bright and charismatic politician who is determined to win the upcoming general election. He is leading his party's campaign against the Conservative Party, which has been in power for many years. He is surrounded by his advisors, including his campaign manager, Bruce Babbish, played by Martin Jarvis, and his speechwriter, Alison Langer, played by Clare Higgins.

The movie shows the behind-the-scenes of the Labour Party's campaign trail. The audience sees the various challenges that George Jones and his team faced in trying to win the election. The film emphasizes the importance of the media and how they can influence the electorate. It shows how the media can spin stories in favor of one party or the other and how it is difficult for politicians to control the message.

Throughout the film, George Jones struggles to connect with the working-class voters. His privileged background and lack of charisma create a barrier that makes it difficult for him to connect with the people. His advisors try to get him to change his style and become more media-savvy, but their efforts are not successful. The movie shows that politics is a game, and winning an election is all about perception and spin.

The movie highlights the themes of power, loyalty, and betrayal. George Jones is surrounded by people who are constantly plotting to undermine him, and he has to be careful about who he trusts. The film shows how politicians have to navigate their way through the political landscape, where loyalty can be fickle, and betrayal is always a possibility.

One of the standout performances in the movie is by Clare Higgins, who plays Alison Langer, the speechwriter. She is a passionate and intelligent woman who is dedicated to her work. She has a complicated relationship with George Jones, and their interactions are some of the most interesting in the movie. Martin Jarvis, who plays the campaign manager, Bruce Babbish, is also excellent. He is a savvy political operator who knows how to spin a story and knows how to play the game.

Barbara Leigh-Hunt, who plays Lady Claire, George Jones' mother, also delivers a strong performance. She is an aristocratic woman who is worried about her son's chances in the election. She is somewhat of a liability to his campaign, and the movie shows the conflict between George Jones' loyalty to his mother and his ambitions to become Prime Minister.

The Absence of War is a well-crafted political drama that showcases the British political system. It is a thoughtful and entertaining movie that takes a critical look at politics and the media. It is an excellent adaptation of David Hare's play, and the performances are outstanding. The movie is a must-watch for anyone interested in politics or British drama.

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    1 hr 31 min
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    7.4  (20)