The Apocalypse Code

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There exists a technology so powerful and so ruthless, that when it is activated the entire world faces the threat of being completely destroyed. Agent Darya is an undercover agent that is doing her absolute best to find a violent thug by the name of Louis Devier. Devier has been after a secret code that if activated, it has the capability of destroying the Earth by making all the nuclear weapons of the world go off simultaneously. He is extremely close to getting his hands on the weapon when Agent Darya discovers the whereabouts of the secret code as well, and decides she is not about to let it slip into the hands of the wrong person.

Not Rated
| 2007 | | 4.4/10
Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk, Vincent Perez, Vladimir Menshov, Oskar Kuchera
Vadim Shmelyov
Produced By
Sergey Zhigunov, Sergey Gribkov and others
The Apocalypse Code
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