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"The hilarious tale of a struggling lawyer . . . a bewitching blonde . . . a murderous millionaire . . . and a wife who collected--millions"
  • 1969
  • 1 hr 46 min
  • 6.0  (58)

The Archangel from 1969 is a war drama directed by Giorgio Capitani and starring Vittorio Gassman, Pamela Tiffin, and Irina Demick. Set during World War II, the film explores the moral complexities and emotional struggles of a group of Italian soldiers as they fight for survival and try to maintain their humanity in the face of unimaginable horrors.

Gassman plays Lieutenant Pietro Salvagnini, an experienced officer who finds himself tasked with leading a group of inexperienced soldiers to a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. Salvagnini is a man of principles and believes in the honor and dignity of the military, but he also knows that war can bring out the worst in people. As he and his men face increasingly difficult challenges and witness unspeakable atrocities committed by both sides, Salvagnini must confront his own beliefs and make difficult decisions that could have profound consequences for himself and his comrades.

Tiffin plays Caterina, a young woman who becomes entangled in the soldiers' mission when she agrees to guide them through the treacherous countryside. As the group becomes more and more reliant on her guidance, Caterina must navigate the dangerous terrain of wartime relationships and loyalties.

Demick plays Regina, an enigmatic woman who joins the soldiers on their journey and quickly becomes the object of the men's desire. Regina is a complex character who oscillates between vulnerability and cunning, often leaving the soldiers unsure of her true intentions.

As the soldiers make their way deeper into enemy territory, they encounter a variety of challenges, from brutal combat to unexpected acts of kindness. Along the way, Salvagnini must balance his desire for victory with his duty to his men, while Caterina and Regina struggle to find their place in the rapidly shifting landscape of war.

The Archangel is a powerful and thought-provoking film that explores themes of honor, loyalty, and sacrifice in the context of war. The performances by Gassman, Tiffin, and Demick are all top-notch, bringing depth and complexity to their characters and making the audience empathize with their struggles. The film is beautifully shot and expertly directed, creating a sense of realism and tension that keeps the viewer engaged from start to finish.

Overall, The Archangel is a must-see film for anyone interested in the complexities of war and the human experience in the face of extreme adversity. It is a moving and poignant exploration of the moral quandaries that soldiers face, and the film's portrayal of the human cost of war is both haunting and unforgettable.

The Archangel
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    6.0  (58)