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  • 1972
  • 1 hr 13 min
  • 6.5  (138)

The Astronaut, released in 1972, tells the story of Colonel Steve West, a former astronaut who is selected to lead a mission back to the Moon. The film stars Jackie Cooper as Colonel West, Monte Markham as Captain Mike Lockwood, and Richard Anderson as NASA Administrator George Belden. The film begins at the Houston Space Center, where Colonel West is called in to meet with Belden. Belden tells him that he has been chosen to lead a team of astronauts on a mission back to the Moon, which will be the first manned lunar landing in 10 years. West is hesitant to take on the mission, as he left NASA in disfavor and doesn't want to risk the lives of his crew. However, Belden convinces him to take on the challenge, telling him that it will be good for his career and for NASA's image.

West then sets about assembling his crew, which includes Lockwood as the pilot, Tony Minetti as the scientist, and Woody Wilson as the technician. Lockwood is initially skeptical of West's leadership, as he believes that he should have been chosen to lead the mission. However, over time, he comes to respect West and the two men become friends.

The crew then begins training for the mission, which includes testing new spacecraft and landing procedures. The training is physically and mentally challenging, and the crew faces several setbacks along the way. However, they persevere and eventually are ready to launch.

The launch itself is one of the most exciting scenes in the movie. The spacecraft is shown lifting off from the launch pad, with the astronauts inside experiencing the intense G-forces. The scene is accompanied by a stirring musical score, which adds to the excitement.

Once they reach the Moon, the crew faces a number of challenges, including a malfunction with one of their landing engines and a dangerous lunar dust storm. However, they are able to overcome these obstacles and successfully land on the Moon. The scenes on the lunar surface are particularly impressive, with the astronauts moving around in slow-motion and the stark lunar landscape providing a striking backdrop.

While on the Moon, the crew discovers a strange silver object that they cannot identify. They bring it back to Earth for analysis, but it remains a mystery. In the meantime, the mission is hailed as a great success, and the crew becomes heroes.

However, as the crew prepares to return to Earth, they face one final challenge. One of the spacecraft's engines fails, leaving them stranded in orbit around the Moon. The closing scenes of the movie show the crew trying to find a way to get back to Earth, with the tension building as their oxygen supply begins to run low.

Overall, The Astronaut is an exciting and well-made movie that captures the excitement and sense of adventure of the early days of space exploration. The performances by the cast are all excellent, particularly Cooper as the no-nonsense Colonel West. The special effects are also impressive, particularly for a movie made in the 1970s. Overall, it is a must-see for fans of space exploration and science fiction.

The Astronaut
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    6.5  (138)