The Born Losers

"An innocent girl is first prize in the dirtiest game ever played!"
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This movie centers around an outlaw motorcycle gang named the "Born Losers" and one courageous man who is trying to stop the mayhem and terror the gang is inflicting on a small California town. Much of the action in "The Born Losers" begins with a traffic accident in which a motorist accidentally hits a member of the Born Losers with his car. The gang members retaliate on the spot by savagely beating the motorist until they are confronted by a man named Billy Jack, who is a part Native American Vietnam veteran who lives by himself in the nearby mountains.

After Billy Jack stops the gang members from beating the motorist, the gang decides to wreak more havoc on the small town, and they target Billy Jack as an enemy.

Among the acts of terror that the motorcycle gang inflicts on the small town is the vicious rape of four young women. One of these young women, who is named Vicky, is befriended by Billy Jack, and they both become victims of violent acts by the gang. At one point, Vicky and Billy Jack are kidnapped by the motorcycle gang, and Billy Jack is violently assaulted.

Plenty of action takes place in The Born Losers. There are fist fights and gang brawls as well as many shots of the gang riding their motorcycles. Fans of motorcycles will appreciate this film's frequent close-up shots of Harley-Davidson and Triumph motorcycles.

The character of Billy Jack is played by Tom Laughlin, who also directed the film, and the role of Vicky is played by Elizabeth James, who also wrote the story. Jeremy Slate plays the leader of the motorcycle gang, and Jane Russell plays the mother of one of the rape victims.

The Born Losers features a rock-music soundtrack that was composed by Mike Curb and Davie Allan. The film has a running time of approximately 115 minutes.

| 1967 | 1 hr 53 min | 6.0/10
Tom Laughlin, Elizabeth James, Jeremy Slate, William Wellman Jr.
T. C. Frank (Laughlin)
Produced By
Delores Taylor, Don Henderson
The Born Losers
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