The Boys Next Door

"Sometimes being a little different means being a lot more wonderful."
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Sometimes, you have to quit the job you love, just to keep your own life together. That is the basis of the made for TV movie “The Boys Next Door”. Jack has devoted himself to the four men that live in the group home he works at. The four men each have their issues and handling them is putting a strain on Jack’s marriage. The four men, Norman, Lucien, Barry and Arnold, have to learn to be able to work real jobs and find love. On top of that, Jack is about to shake up their world and they’ll have to adapt to change.

The movie was directed by Emmy winner John Erman. William Blinn, an Emmy and Peabody winner, adapted the script from the Tom Griffin play by the same name. This is a Hallmark movie that won an Emmy and Writers Guild Award.

Jack Palmer, played by Tony Goldwyn, is a social worker who has allowed work to become more important than his own life, namely his marriage. Norman, played by well recognized actor Nathan Lane, is a simple man trying to control his sweet tooth while working in a donut shop. Lucian, played by Courtney B. Vance, has the mind of a young child, loves Spiderman and must prepare to testify before the state senate to keep the funding for the group home. Arnold, played by Emmy winner Michael Jeter, is into all things Russian and must learn to deal with his manic depression. Barry, played by Robert Sean Leonard, is a schizophrenic who has issues dealing with his father.

Norman finds love with Sheila, played by Mare Winningham. Barry is re-institutionalized after his father berates him. Arnold has to learn to curb his spending and stand up for himself. Jack is able to coax an eloquent speech from Lucien in front of the senate. Jack then leaves for his new job leasing cars.

| 1996 | | 7.5/10
Nathan Lane, Robert Sean Leonard, Tony Goldwyn, Michael Jeter
John Erman
Produced By
John Erman, Christopher Cook
The Boys Next Door
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