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  • 2012
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The Casserole Club is a dramatic film that was released in 2011. The movie follows the lives of a group of married couples living in a suburban community in the 1960s. These couples are all part of a social club called the Casserole Club. The Casserole Club is a group of couples who regularly host dinner parties for each other. However, these parties are not just about food and socializing. The couples in the group are all living secret lives and use these parties to engage in extramarital affairs.

The main character of the movie is a woman named Gloria (played by Susan Traylor). Gloria is known for being the queen bee of the Casserole Club. She has a controlling personality and likes to manipulate the other couples in the group. Gloria is married to a man named Glenn (played by Kevin Scott Richardson), who is a closeted homosexual.

The other couples in the group include Alice and Larry (played by Daniela Sea and Mark Shunock), who have a strained marriage due to Larry's drinking problem. There is also Maggie and Pete (played by Marta Milans and Frank Buckley), who are struggling with infertility. Lastly, there is Hank and Harriet (played by Michael Maize and Steffie Grote), who are dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy that occurred in their family.

As the movie progresses, we see the cracks in these marriages begin to show. The affairs become more intense, and secrets are uncovered. Gloria's controlling nature and Glenn's sexuality come to a head, causing their marriage to crumble. Alice and Larry's relationship is exposed when Larry is caught cheating with another member of the Casserole Club. Maggie and Pete struggle to cope with the fact that they may never have children. Hank and Harriet's past trauma continues to haunt them.

Through all of these troubles, the Casserole Club continues to hold their dinner parties. At these parties, the couples try to put on a façade of happiness, but it is clear that each person is dealing with their own demons behind closed doors.

The film is shot in a way that captures the essence of the 1960s. The set design and costumes are all period accurate, and the music helps to transport the viewer back in time. The acting is superb, especially Susan Traylor's portrayal of Gloria. She is both charming and manipulative, making it easy to understand why the other members of the Casserole Club are drawn to her.

The Casserole Club is a film about the dark underbelly of suburban life. It shows how what appears to be a perfect life on the surface can be hiding a multitude of problems. The movie is a reminder that we never truly know what is going on behind closed doors, and that everyone has their secrets.

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