The Charles Bukowski Tapes

"Barbet Schroeder interviews Bukowski."
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Charles Bukowski was a 20th century American writer, poet and provocateur that was hugely popular with the post-Beat generation. The Charles Bukowski Tapes is a 1987 video documentary about the writer. The film consists of 52 interviews with Bukowski on an assortment of topics, the camera follows him as he returns to his parent’s home, the neighborhood he grew up in, and other significant places in his life. He talks about his drinking problems, women and violence. We witness a violent scene with his wife Linda Lee. He was famous for his volatile temper. This is a must see movie for Bukowski fans.

| 1983 | | 8.6/10
Charles Bukowski, Linda Lee Bukowski, Barbet Schroeder
Barbet Schroeder
Produced By
Barbet Schroeder
The Charles Bukowski Tapes
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