The Dancing Masters

This incredible comedy boasts the workings of a two genius comedic actors, Laurel and Hardy. The film follows Laurel and Hardy as they are two quirky dance instructors who are on the verge of losing their beloved jobs. It is not due to the fact that they are full of ill intention, but rather they're dance studio is going to be shut down due to their inability to consistently pay rent. Despite this recent loss, the two friends are adamant to help out a dear friend of theirs with his new venture. Laurel and Hardy begin raising funds any which way possible in order to help fund their friend's new invention.

| 1943 | 1 min | 6.4/10
Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Trudy Marshall, Robert Bailey
Malcolm St. Clair
Produced By
Lee S. Marcus
The Dancing Masters
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Also directed by Malcolm St. Clair, Mal St. Clair

Also starring Oliver Hardy

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