The Dead Sleep Easy

"When you're this far South, sometimes it's better to be dead than alive."
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This is a dramatic movie about a wrestler who wants revenge against the Mexican mob. The Champ was an American who moved to Mexico. He gained fame as a wrestler until he accidentally killed an opponent in a match. His opponent was related to a Mexican mob boss. He was forced to work for the mob boss to pay the blood debt for that incident.

On his final job for the boss, The Champ escorts a group of illegal immigrants across the border to the United States. When he hands them off, they are murdered. He finds out the boss knew this would happen and seeks revenge.

2007 | | 4.6/10
Vampiro, Ana Sidel, Martin Kove, Phil Caracas
Lee Demarbre
Produced By
Robert Menzies
The Dead Sleep Easy
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