The Devil by the Tail

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  • PG
  • 1969
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 6.7  (980)

The Devil by the Tail is a French-Italian co-production and a great example of French farce in all its glory. This comedy film was released in 1969 and directed by Philippe de Broca, who previously directed the critically acclaimed film King of Hearts. The film features an all-star cast, including Yves Montand, Madeleine Renaud, and Maria Schell.

The plot revolves around a wealthy businessman named Saccard (Yves Montand) who suddenly finds himself almost bankrupt. In order to save himself from financial ruin, he decides to marry his son to the daughter of a wealthy and influential family with the hope of using their wealth and connections to save his business empire.

However, the situation turns complicated when Saccard's son Frederic (Jean-Pierre Marielle) arrives at the airport with his new wife, who is not the daughter of the wealthy family but instead an actress named Diana (Maria Schell) hired by Saccard. The real daughter, Philippe (Françoise Fabian), has eloped with her lover, and Saccard's plan falls apart.

To cover up his lie, Saccard convinces his wife (Madeleine Renaud) and mistress (Alice Sapritch) to pretend to be the parents of Diana. This leads to a series of hilarious misunderstandings and confusion as the various characters try to keep the truth from being revealed.

As the father of the bride, Saccard falls under the control of the domineering Nanny (Maria-Rosa Rodriguez), who tries to impose her own will onto the proceedings. Meanwhile, Diana finds herself caught up in the family dynamics and must navigate the various personalities in order to survive.

The Devil by the Tail is a fast-paced and entertaining film that features a clever script and top-notch performances from its cast. Montand brings his famous charm and wit to his portrayal of Saccard, while Schell is delightful as the actress caught up in the family drama.

The film also boasts some impressive set design and cinematography that effectively capture the opulence and excess of the wealthy characters. The satirical edge of the film is in its portrayal of the bourgeois society of its time, highlighting the shallow values and materialism of the wealthy characters.

Overall, The Devil by the Tail is a delightful romp that showcases the talents of its cast and director. Its timeless theme of the rich and the powerful using deception and exploitation to get what they want continues to resonate in today's society. If you are a fan of French comedies or just looking for a good laugh, The Devil by the Tail is definitely worth checking out.

The Devil by the Tail
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